Fun with Jenn: Eating Chips

Salt and vinegar chips are oddly addicting.

Stuff Mom Says....

Mom says weird stuff sometimes... This is just one of many examples!

Mom came home once with a nice plant. 

Here is what happened:


This is a conversation Mom and Dad had one day...


Dead Caterpillar

I just got over being sick. I hate being sick because I never get a tiny cold; it's always a full-blown-sleep-for-days kind of sick.

When I was in school, the the first major I was in had a very strict attendance policy (I know, attendance in college seems very high school). Missing class was always detrimental for your grade. Sick people would drag themselves to class for fear of their grades being dropped a half or full letter (I can't remember which) but it was enough to scare us into mobility.

Your Name is Murphy

Recently, I've come to the realization that, perhaps, I can be a little clumsy, accident prone and occasionally unfortunate. I never really thought about it until my friend gave me a new name....

Ants! Damn Fire Ants!

The above comic has me at the end with an allergic reaction to an ant bite.

This is the full story:

freakin' Floridian wildlife...

Let's Pet the Dog!

Since I was little I've had an uneasy relationship with dogs. In passing, they're fine. And yes, puppies are fun to look at for about 7 minutes, but most of the time dogs don't really seem to like me.

Perhaps they can sense my hesitation to pet them, desire to remain drool-free or maybe they're not used to Asian people. Whatever the reason, this is what happens when I get near dogs: