Dead Caterpillar

I just got over being sick. I hate being sick because I never get a tiny cold; it's always a full-blown-sleep-for-days kind of sick.

When I was in school, the the first major I was in had a very strict attendance policy (I know, attendance in college seems very high school). Missing class was always detrimental for your grade. Sick people would drag themselves to class for fear of their grades being dropped a half or full letter (I can't remember which) but it was enough to scare us into mobility.

Your Name is Murphy

Recently, I've come to the realization that, perhaps, I can be a little clumsy, accident prone and occasionally unfortunate. I never really thought about it until my friend gave me a new name....

Ants! Damn Fire Ants!

The above comic has me at the end with an allergic reaction to an ant bite.

This is the full story:

freakin' Floridian wildlife...

Let's Pet the Dog!

Since I was little I've had an uneasy relationship with dogs. In passing, they're fine. And yes, puppies are fun to look at for about 7 minutes, but most of the time dogs don't really seem to like me.

Perhaps they can sense my hesitation to pet them, desire to remain drool-free or maybe they're not used to Asian people. Whatever the reason, this is what happens when I get near dogs:


5 Irrational Fears

I am a quirky person. Most things don't bother me too much, but the things that do are rather peculiar things.

Here are 5 irrational fears that I have. I hope no one messes with me now...

Questions in the Car

When you're in the car it's nice to talk sometimes.

When I was in high school, my older sister was driving me somewhere and decided to try to strike up conversation.

Sometimes it's also nice to ride in silence.

Adventure to Clearwater, Parts I, II, II+1/2 and III

 Okay, so a little while ago I posted Adventure to Clearwater, Part III. At the time, I thought the Clear water adventure was going to be a three-parter, but I was mistaken. So, I now present to you:

Adventure to Clearwater Parts I, II, II+1/2 and III

I'm not a very angry person.
In fact, very few people have actually seen me angry or even pissed off.
At the most, I think I usually get irritated or testy, but hardly ever truly, honestly angry.
So this was rather unusual. 

And it was the first and only time I ever had PMS. 
Thank god. 

True story.
Second semester of my Junior year in college.


Hair Dyeing for Cathy

To clarify further how I could accidentally dye her hair blue... this is how:

I had to boxes of burgundy colored dye, both of which I had for a few years. There was a Korean brand that we decided to use, and when I opened it, there were two tubes of color, and to bottles of the creme to mix with the dye... which was weird, since that's double the amount that should be in there.

I didn't really think anything of it. When I squeezed it out of the tube, it was a dark rusty color but when it started to oxidize more, it went from a reddish color, to more of a dark, cold grey. By this time, most of it was in her hair, and I thought it was a little funny, but it was only a fleeting feeling.

When she started to rinse out her hair... that's when I KNEW something was wrong.... the dye was definately blue!

Luckily, she thought it was more funny than anything :) It's a very dark blue, so unless she's in direct sunlight, it looks black.

When I Can't Sleep

For the last month or so when I was living with Joe, I woke up freakishly early almost every morning. Usually, I would get up and do something to occupy myself.... but every now and then I would want some company...

Joe always tells me I'm like a spoiled kitten (only sometimes! when i want attention...) and I think he's right :3

Adventure to Clearwater, Part III

Okay, I know the header says Part III, because in the sequence of the day, this was the third event that happened.

The whole start to our adventure that day began with me being unspeakably angry, so Mari whisked me away on a magical journey....

Parts I and II are on their way.... So the rest of the story will be filled in... backwards-ish...

But here is Part III

CO Side Effects

I remember talking to my mom after Joe and I got CO poisoning, and commenting on how we seemed a lot slower than normal. She started laughing and said "Oh no! It's two stupid people living together! Hahahaha...."

This was our daily life for a few months:

A Horrifying Discovery....

Lauren was traumatized by a horrific find one day when she decided to clean out the fridge... It is a most chilling tale, indeed!

Something Urgent!

One day, Joe came home with very urgent news...:

The Tale of Tumor Cat

 The tale of Tumor Cat took place my sophomore year of college...

I can't remember words very well....

So, I had carbon monoxide poisoning in January of this year, and one of the main affects I experienced was damage to my vocabulary.... Which can some times be very funny...

This was when I was helping my friend make armatures. We were working with wire, and when I work wth wire it usually tears up my fingers a little.

And then the conversation went like this:

People still think I'm a high schooler....

I was looking for some part time employment this summer.... I got asked this question very frequently. Even a random lady on the escalator asked me if I was going back to school and what grade I was gonna be in...