The Tale of Tumor Cat

 The tale of Tumor Cat took place my sophomore year of college...

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Porcupine said...

Hi, it's Madeleine, your cousin! :)

I just want to say how amazing your artwork is~ it's like nothing I've ever seen before! I love your little people with their cute hands and big eyes, and the style is so unique! Plus, the storylines are always so funny- Chasen and I read all of them today! You are SO epicly talented, I can't get over it!

I hope you're doing well across the country in Ohio. Halmoni and all the cousins here are all in good health, and Randolph and Benjamin left for UCSD a couple months ago. :) It's so quiet without them!

I miss you and Catherine so much! I hope we can see each other soon!


P.S. I found this site because I remembered reading a business card on it a few years back :) The catchy name stuck in my memory! ^-^