Adventure to Clearwater, Parts I, II, II+1/2 and III

 Okay, so a little while ago I posted Adventure to Clearwater, Part III. At the time, I thought the Clear water adventure was going to be a three-parter, but I was mistaken. So, I now present to you:

Adventure to Clearwater Parts I, II, II+1/2 and III

I'm not a very angry person.
In fact, very few people have actually seen me angry or even pissed off.
At the most, I think I usually get irritated or testy, but hardly ever truly, honestly angry.
So this was rather unusual. 

And it was the first and only time I ever had PMS. 
Thank god. 

True story.
Second semester of my Junior year in college.

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Porcupine said...

"Dead jellyfish!" That's a classic! :)