Dream Adaptation

So.... I have really creepy dreams.

Writing the Graphic Narrative: Dream Adaptation

Page One:

Setting: Dilapidated, dark house. The walls are in such a state that the pipes poke through in some areas. There are rust stains all over, the floor is dark and stained with god-knows-what. cobwebs coat everything and the dim orange lights flicker weakly. The stairs a missing parts of banisters and are uneven and pried up in places. It's a pretty unpleasant place.

Panel A: Close up of my face, lying on the floor. Only one eye and hand are visible. The eye is open slightly.

Panel B: Pans out more so more of the environment is visible. My eyes are open and surprised.

Panel C: Pans out more, I start to get up.

Panel D: Getting up, holding my head.
Me: "Ugh.."

Panel E: I look up

Page Two:

Panel A: Upwards shot, of me looking up at the rest of the house. It's expansive, multistoried and full of stairs.

Panel B: A hand grabs me by the wrist. The hand is stained, the finger tips bloody, the nails bend backwards, like they had been scratching trying to get out.
Man: "..you...!"

Panel C: Me looking towards the hand gripping my arm, the hand is still in the foreground .
Man: "The key..."

Page Three:

Panel A: Downwards angle of the man grabbing my arm. He is a young man dressed in a business suit. He could have been a Harvard graduate were it not for his ragged, bloody clothes, crazed eyes, disheveled hair and cut and bruised face.
Man: "You must have it..."

Panel B: The man jumps up, arms outstretched. I fall backwards.
Man: "Give it to me!"

Panel C: Hands are clawing at my face.
Man: "The key! The key!"

Panel D: One hand is pulling down on my lower jaw, while the other is pushing up on my upper jaw, like he's trying to rip my head apart. He's pushing so hard that my front teeth are sinking into his palm.
Man: "Give my the key!"

Page Four:

Panel A: The struggle continues. My arms and legs are kicking as he tries to pry my head in two.
Man: "You must have it!"

Panel B: I finally get a hit in, square in the nose. There is a sickening crunch, and his eyes roll back.

Panel C: The man falls back, eyes blank, a thin stream of blood arcs from his bloodied face as he falls.

Panel D: Man is dead on the floor. His face is bloody and it is evident that his nose was shoved into his brain. Lucky shot.

Page Five:

Panel A: Shaking, I scoot back.

Panel B: I turn and vomit.

Panel C: Shot of the man's body on the ground.
Me: "...the fuck just happened...?"

Panel D: Gripping at the wall, I hoist myself up, shaking.
Me: "I've go to get out of here..."

Panel E: I stumble down a hallway.
Me: "I need out..."

Panel F: I disappear farther down the hall.

Page Six:

Eight panels of me trying to open various doors. All of them are locked.

Page Seven:

Panel A: Close up of hand, the knob clicks. It's open!

Panel B: I have entered the room. I take a breath, and lean back, the door closes.

Panel C: The room is not empty, though. I am in the foreground, over my shoulder you can see a woman standing with her back towards me.
Woman: "I... have the key...."

Page Eight:

Panel A: Woman with her back turned to us.
Woman: "I know it's here somewhere..."

Panel B: Close up of my face, eyes widening in horror.
Woman: "But I just can't find it..."

Panel C: Woman turning to face me. Her face looks calm, slightly lost, but otherwise normal. You can still see mostly her back, and her arms are in front of her, holding something. Her elbows are dripping red.
"I know it's here..."

Panel D: She's turned around, one arm reaches towards me, her other arm holding her intestines.
"I know it."

Page Nine:

Panel A: Her hand reaches out and grabs my arm.

Panel B: The woman plunges my hand into her pile of bloody innards. I am paralyzed by fear.
"Can you help me find it...?"

Page Ten:

Panel A: Shot from behind me as I try to pull away. She grips my arm tightly and will not let go.
Woman: "Find the key!"
Me: "Let go!"

Panel B: Close up of the woman. Her eyes are crazed. The eerie calm that she had when I first entered is gone, replaced by desperation.
Woman: "Help me get it out!"

Panel C: Wide shot. She lets go, my hand flies away from her as soon as possible.
Me: "Let go!"

Panel D: Woman stares at me, swooning, feebly cradling her organs.
Woman: "You're never going to get out."

Panel E: Worms eye shot, woman's body in the foreground. I'm standing over her, horrified.

Page Eleven:

Panel A: Woman lying on the floor, her innards strewn about.

Panel B: I try the door, it locked itself.

Panel C: I look down at the woman.

Panel D: Shot of my hand reaching forward, her organs in the foreground.
Me: "Oh god..."

Panel E: Shot of me from the back, on my knees, elbow deep into the corpse.

Panel F: I hold up a small, simple key. My hands are covered in guts, my face stares in disbelief.

Page Twelve:

Panel A: Trying the lock.

Panel B: Me standing with my head bent downwards.
Me: "Hehehe..."

Panel C: Top down shot, I am slumped over, my head against the door while my hands still grip the knob.
Me: "It's the wrong key..."

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