Script for Writing the Graphic Narrative

This is an adaptation of the story "The Diamond Necklace" by Guy de Maupassant

Page One:

Setting: Paris, 18th century residence. Interior of a nicely furnished middle class home.

Panel A: Mme. Loisel and M. Loisel are sitting down to dinner. Mme. Loisel looks bored and discontent.

Panel B: M. Loisel hands Mme. Loisel a card with a smile.
M. Loisel: "I have something for you."

Panel C: Close up of card in Mme. Loisel's hands. It's an invitation to a very fancy party.

Panel D: Mme. Loisel, looking incredulous.
Mme: Loisel, "And what am I to wear?"

Panel E: M. Loisel looking taken aback as Mme. Loisel berates him.
Mme. Loisel, "I have rags! I have no gowns, no jewels!"

Page Two:

Panel A: Mme. Loisel, head in hands, sobbing.
"I will be humiliated..."

Panel B: M. Loisel, looking upset at seeing his wife so sad.
Mme. Loisel, "Give this invitation to some college who's wife is better equipped than I...."

Panel C: M. Loisel standing over his upset wife, hand on her shoulder, trying to console her.
M. "How much would it cost, a suitable gown?"

Panel D: Close up of M. Loisel, his eyes wide.
Mme: "I don't know exactly, but I could manage with four hundred francs..."

Panel E: Mme. Loisel hugging her husband in delight.
M. Loisel, "Very well-"
Mme. Loisel, "Thank goodness!"

Page Three:

Setting: A tailor's shop, then her wealthy friend's home.

Panel A: Mme. Loisel holding up a fancy dress, admiring it greedily. There is a tailor in the foreground counting money.

Panel B: Fancy gate posts in the foreground, Mme. Loisel walking towards them, holding a package (her dress, presumably)

Panel C: At the door of the fancy house. A woman dressed in wealthier clothes is clasping hands with Mme. Loisel.
Mme. Forestier: "How good it is to see you again! Come in at once!"

Panel D: Both ladies sitting in a fine parlor. Mme. Loisel's back is to the audience, and in the foreground. We can see Mme. Forestier.
Mme. Loisel, "... And so I was wondering-"
Mme. Forestier, "Oh, of course! Choose anything, my dear."

Panel E: A counter top filled with jewels.

Panel F: Close up of Mme. Loisel's hands picking up a diamond necklace.
Mme. Loisel, "I choose this..."

Page Four:

Setting: At the ball. Very fancy.

Panel A: Mme. Loisel entering, M. Loisel behind her, not looking as haughty. People are staring at Mme. Loisel who looks quite beautiful in her new gown.

Panel B: Mme. Loisel is the center of attention, M. Loisel is seen in the very back, looking bored.

Panel C: Mme. Loisel in dancing. M. Loisel is sitting a table, picking at the cloth.

Panel D: M. Loisel is asleep, in the foreground. In the middle ground, there is a grandfather clock with the time, it is four in the morning. Mme. Loisel can be seen in the background, still soaking up the attention.

Panel E: M. Losiel coming up behind Mme. Loisel and putting her plain shawl around her shoulders. He looks very tired, she looks surprised.
M. Loisel, "It is very late."

Page 5

Setting: Street of Paris

Panel A: Mme. Loisel looks down in shock at the plain, commoners shawl around her shoulders.

Panel B: Mme. Loisel runs for the exit, covering her face.

Panel C: Outside, Mme. Loisel is in the foreground, visibly upset. M. Loisel is running after her.
Mme. Loisel, "I cannot be seen in these rags!"

Panel D: M. Loisel with her arm in his hand. Mme. Loisel looks dejected.
M. Loisel, "I'm calling a cab, we're going home."

Panel E: Mme. Loisel getting into the cab, M. Loisel waiting behind her.
Mme. Loisel, "You embarrassed me.."
M. Loisel, "It's too late for this."

Panel. F: Carriage riding home

Page Six

Setting: Back at their flat.

Panel A: Entering the home. M. Loisel in the foreground, very tired, untying his tie. Mme. is hanging around the door, looking miserable.

Panel B: She catches her reflection in a mirror. The diamond necklace is gone.

Panel C: Mme. and M. Loisel panicking.
Mme. Loisel, "It's gone!"
M. "What? Impossible!"
Mme. "I had it on at the Minister's house!"
M. "Then it must have fallen off in the cab.. or on the street!"

Panel D: M. Loisel running out the house, still putting his coat on.

Page Seven

Panel A: Thin panel, silhouette of roof tops, sun is rising.

Panel B: M. Loisel coming in the door, Mme. Loisel in foreground, biting her finger nails.
M. Loisel: "It's gone..."

Panel C: M. Loisel with his hands on Mme. Loisel's shoulders.
M. Loisel, "Tell her the clasp broke, to buy us some time. There is another one like it... It's worth forty thousand francs."
M. Loisel, "But-But we only have eighteen thousand! We're ruined!"

Panel D: M. Loisel at a shop, buying the replacement.

Panel E: Mme. Loisel giving back Mme. Forestier the replacement one.

Page Eight:

Setting: Streets and various places around Paris.

Panel A: The Loisels selling all their possessions.

Panel B: The Loisels walking down the street, forlorn with one parcel each.

Panel C: Living in squalor.

Panel D: M. Loisel doing manual labor.

Panel E: Mme. Loisel cleaning floors.

Panel F: Mme Loisel is clearing off a table of dirty dishes, she is filthy and has lost her beauty.
Off screen voice: "My dear, is that you?"

Panel G: Mme Forestier looking at Mme. Loisel in shock. Mme Loisel is mortified to be seen this way.
Mme Forestier: "My goodness, how things have changed!"
Mme. Loisel, : "I have been cured with poverty since last i saw you. This is because of you!"

Page Nine:

Panel A: Close up of necklace
Mme. Loisel, "That necklace I borrowed- I lost it!"
Mme. Forestier, "No, you brought it back!"

Panel B: M. Loisel signing lots of papers.
Mme. Loisel, "We have been forced into debt to pay for another necklace just like it."

Panel C: Mme. Loisel, looking a little smug.
Mme. Loisel, "We picked out a good replacement, you never knew the difference."

Panel D: Mme. Forestier, hands to her mouth, looking upset.
Mme. Forestier: "Oh... you poor thing!"

Panel F: Mme. Loisel looking stricken. She just received the news her hardship was in vain.
Mme. Forestier, "My necklace was a fake. It was only worth five hundred francs!"


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